Idetic Web Design, Development and Marketing: Santa Barbara, CA

Strategy. Design. Marketing.

What are your customers looking for? How will they find you? What will your website accomplish? We combine world-class design with effective marketing to realize your goals.

Visual Design

Excellent visual design is at the core of a successul website. We design simple, clean, and effective websites that communicate your brand to your audience

Content Management Systems

For clients that would prefer to update and maintain their own website, we utilize a number of content management systems that are tailored to your specific needs

Brand Integrity

Increasingly, the web is the primary way consumers interact with a brand. We design and develop websites with an uncompromising consistency with your established identity.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is the process of improving the content and structure of your website to make it more visible to search engines.

Content Development

Websites are only as good as the content they deliver. Image sourcing, graphics production, and video editing are a few ways we help you to build your brand

Search Engine Marketing

We combine SEO design principles, search-friendly technology, and content strategy to develop a SEO strategy and execution plan.

Client Side Development

Areas of expertise include XHTML/CSS, Javascript, and AJAX, along with code that's compliant with SEO best practices. Quick to load, and easy to maintain.

Competitive Analysis

What is your competition doing online? How are they positioned in the marketplace? What can we learn from them, and how.

Server-Side Development

We utilize Agile methodologies and a test-driven approach to development to ensure consistently high-quality, modular software.

Social Marketing

Small businesses have a huge opportunity to stand out among larger competitors by using social media as a channel to express their voice and engage with their audience.


Our philosophy is: "Build a business, not a website". An Ecommerce website is a business first and foremost; the website is merely the commerce delivery channel.

Website Analytics

By examining web traffic reports, site navigation patterns, PPC, SEO and ROI statistics, a clear picture emerges that help us measure and improve your site performance.